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Kinforest Tyre Company is a leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of 4X4, passenger car, SUV, ultra high performance and light truck radial tyres. If you need tyres, they have them! Their materials, designs and quality control measures are all based on advanced international manufacturing and testing standards. Owned by the Sailun Tyre Company, Kinforest has dramatically benefited from strategic partnerships with Continental Tyres and tyre making technology purchased from Firestone Tyres. Kinforest is truly well on its way to rolling out into the big leagues of tyre manufacturing.

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The Kinforest KF550 tyre is designed using the latest silica compound technology for excellent wet and dry handling. Its firm central rib and long interlock button provide improved stopping distance, superior acceleration performance, and reduced pattern noise. Positive reviews on Tyroola also note its great value for money and long-lasting tread.

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