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Powertrac is another line of reliable, affordable tyres that have landed on Aussie shores. Launched in 2011, PowerTrac is owned by the Shandong Haohua Co., from China. They have an annual output of 33 million truck, bus and passenger car radial tyres at their state of the art facility that focuses on eco-friendly products that meet international standards. With advanced R and D capability, production technology and testing equipment, PowerTrac hopes to be the Australian driver's value brand of choice.

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Presenting the Powertrac Power Rover M/T

The Power Rover M/T is designed for use by light trucks and SUVs on extreme off road and muddy driving conditions.Featuring a special compound to enhance tread life, its three zigzag grooves and aggressive pattern design offers outstanding braking and traction in all weather and road situations guaranteeing driver safety and security.

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