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If you have doubts about the state of your Suzuki Jimny Tyres then it's time to consider buying a new set. Tyroola is an online tyre retailer with a difference. They aim to meet their customers halfway and provide flexible prices, a huge range, partner fitting stations and delivery services around the clock. Tyroola is an independent provider so can make customer needs their top priority.

Since 1970, the Jimny has forged a reputation for being tougher than the terrain it has to travel. It was acclaimed as a tough working vehicle for forestry and construction industries in the mountains to the snow fields of Japan. With its bigger engines, stronger models and increased passenger comfort, the Jimny has survived the world's toughest terrains. A 4WD legend for more than forty years, today it's still known as the 4WD that'll take you places the others can't.

For further questions on your Suzuki Jimny tyres, our customer service operators are available on 1300 738 040. Tyroola's experts are ready and able to field all tyre related inquiries and are trained to help you find the best-matched tyres for your Suzuki Jimny. The fitters can dispose of your old tyres when your arrive to pick up your new set. Once the first call is made, it is just a one-day stop-off to your nearest affiliated fitter.

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