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A Premium Urban Driving Tyre at the Cheapest Price

Buy the BFGoodrich Advantage TA SUV, an all-season touring tyre for light trucks, crossovers and SUVs with exceptional handling and steering response.

It features tread blocks with deep, wide longitudinal and latitudinal grooves and sipes, ensuring great braking in both wet and dry conditions.

Offers a smooth everyday drive
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  • A mix of tread pattern blocks in various sizes and jagged grooves and reinforced shoulders provide smooth handling and a strong tyre structure.

  • Comes with locking 3D Active siping technology that delivers enhanced wet and light snow traction.

  • Is 3-peak mountain/snowflake rated, exceeding the standard severe snow service capabilities of most tyres.

  • With a continuous centre rib for a comfortable, and smoother ride quality.

  • With G-Wedge sidewall stabiliser technology and nylon-reinforced steel belts for added stability and durability.

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