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Jinyu is an affordable Chinese tyre brand introduced in 1995. Since then, it has become one of the top brands in China. Owned by the Sailun Tyre Group, makers of Sailun Tyres, Jinyu provides superior quality tyre products for customers worldwide. Jinyu is developed and made in one of their four ultra-modern factories located in China and Vietnam. With prices for some of their models going as low as $37 for a standard summer passenger tyre, they are an attractive, affordable and great value for money option for the frugal Aussie motorist.yes we are talking to you - wink wink

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Tyres for cars, SUVs, light trucks and trucks

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The Jinyu Gallopro UHP YU63 is an innovative high-performance budget tyre designed for passenger cars. It is engineered to absorb tyre noise and vibrations, combining quiet comfort with low fuel consumption. It also delivers reliable handling on both wet and dry driving conditions.

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Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is the specific tyre that is fitted to the vehicle upon its release. The tyre is rigorously tested by the car manufacturer to ascertain that the tyre provides premium performance without compromising on safety and fuel-efficiency. As a premium tyre manufacturer, Hankook is associated with a number of vehicle manufacturers from all over the world, providing tyres for the latest vehicles. Hankook is the original equipment manufacturer for Audi, BMW, Ford, Hyundai, KIA, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Porsche, Seat, Scania, Skoda and Volkswagen among others.