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A Global Tyre Brand With A Big Reputation

Kingstar Tyres is a hugely respected brand from the Netherlands. This instantly recognisable name in tyre manufacturing is a counterpart of the legendary Hankook brand, and all the same attention to detail and precision engineering can be found in the Kingstar brand. A range of cutting-edge technologies and tyre sizes are available from this renowned manufacturer, which is why the brand has a large and loyal following in both Asia and Europe. Established in 1941, this brand was originally one of Korea's most recognisable tyre brands. Since Kingstar became part of the Hankook family of products, their products have been sold in more than 180 countries around the world. We offer Australia-wide delivery with fast and in-time shipping of Kingstar Tyres to all metro areas including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Precision Engineered For Optimum Performance

Kingstar Tyres is responsible for products that have a reputation for delivering exceptional levels of durability, safety and performance in a range of challenging conditions. At Tyroola, we offer the following optimum performance Kingstar tyres:

  • RA17: This tyre is an all-position radial for vans and transporters. Its wide footprint and aggressive kerfs with zig-zag grooves provide superior wear resistance and wet traction. The tyre is ideal for light trucks. 
  • RF03: This tyre is a high quality, low priced tyre. This is an all-season all-position radial for 4x4, SUV and Crossover vehicles.
  • SK10: This is a high-performance asymmetric tyre. With superior grip braking and control, this tyre ensures safety and comfort for its drivers. The tyre is ideal for passenger cars. 
  • SK70: With great handling, noise control and optimum comfort, this tyre is an ideal touring tyre. The tyre is ideal for passenger cars.
  • SK72: With great handling, a 520 treadwear rating, noise control and optimum control, this tyre is a great buy for those interested in touring and long drives. The tyre is ideal for passenger cars.

Tyres For All Driving Styles And Road Conditions

Although Kingstar is responsible for some of the world's most respected tyre models, it is their range of winter tyres that perhaps wins the most plaudits from those in the industry. However, there are also tyres specifically engineered for four-wheel drive vehicles. The SK72 is an innovative tyre that is just at home on an off-road vehicle as it is on a passenger car. The SK10 is the manufacturer's economy offering, while the SK70 is the brand's best option for delivering a comfortable ride with maximised sound control.

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