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Maxtrek Tyres might be a new name if you are looking for tyres, but that is about to change. Oh yes! Expect to hear more about this "tyre newbie" as it slowly but surely expands globally. Though only established in 2007, Maxtrek has proved to be an aggressive tyre developer committed to providing safe, economical and comfortable tyres to drivers on a worldwide scale. It opened a 535 square kilometre production and R&D facility in Guangdong, China, to be able to compete on a global level and not just at home in China. Now available in 90 countries, Maxtrek is well on its way to show customers that their tyres are at home on all kinds of roadways - from the precision motorways of the West to the rough terrains of the Eastern Asia and everything in between.

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Ride High with the Maxtrek Sierra S6

Maxtrek's Sierra S6 is for SUV and light truck use and employs high impact resistant and anti-puncture technology to ensure toughness and durability. Its wide grooves, and unique zig-zag tread pattern design increases its gripping capabilities, especially in harsh terrain and weather conditions.

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