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Established in 1986, Rotalla has only recently entered the international tyre market, but has within a short time period achieved recognition for the quality and value of its tyres. The company's factory is based in Shandong, China, where Rotalla tyres are produced using leading technology in production and testing. The factory manufacturing processes are highly automated to achieve good value tyres that perform well in both wet and dry road conditions.

Rotalla provides an extensive range of tyres that have been designed especially for the passenger, off road and 4 X 4 market.

Performance tyres

  • F102 - This tread pattern is designed for efficiency, with wear resistance, low noise and low fuel consumption.
  • F109 - This tread pattern has been manufactured for superior comfort and noise reduction, with wet and dry patterns for superior breaking.

Ultra performance tyres (UPF)

  • F105 - This tyre is designed for extreme high speed to provide exceptional control and precision.
  • F106 - This tyre model has an asymmetrical design, built for precise control at high speed on wet and dry surfaces.
  • F107 - This tyre model has an asymmetrical design, built with increased breaking, divergence and drainage.
  • F108 - A specialist tyre for wet and dry handling with improved comfort and noise reduction.
  • F109 - A high performance tyre with increased dry handling capabilities and wet breaking performance.
  • F110 - This tyre has been built for superior performance in extreme conditions.
  • F114 - A performance tyre model designed for reduced noise.

High performance tyres (HPF)

  • RF06 - A tyre with an all season tread and multi-stepped grooves, which provides a long life and improved stability and handling.
  • RF07 - A four wheel drive tyre designed with wide grooves to release water for superior control both on and off road.
  • RF08 - An economical tyre model designed to be exceptionally hard wearing.
  • RF09 - A tyre model that provides reduced noise and an excellent balance of comfort and performance.
  • RF10 - A tyre model manufactured for on road and off road driving with a durable and stable tread.

Winter tyres

There are currently three tyre models that have been manufactured by Rotalla for cold weather or winter conditions: S100, S110, S210. The S100 features deep grooves for superior performance in tough winter conditions. The S110 features additional skid resistance capabilities. The S210 features thin, deep grooves for exceptional performance in winter conditions.

Latest tyre models

Rotalla is continually expanding its range of tyres for a variety of vehicle types, including 13 new sizes for SUV and 4 new sizes for passenger vehicles. One of the newest models of Rotalla tyres is the RF11, which has been designed for SUVs for exceptional performance in all terrains.

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