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Company history

In addition to producing high quality tyres for passenger vehicles, Silverstone also produces a range of tyres for high performance vehicles, SUVs and 4X4 vehicles and commercial vehicles.

Standard tyres

  • Performance tyres - designed for safety, comfort, quietness and secure grip
  • Comfort and luxury tyres - designed for high speed, comfort, and extra grip
  • Sporty tyres - designed for high speed, super grip, water dispersion and comfort
  • Fuel saving tyres - designed to be eco-friendly, quiet and comfortable

SUV and 4 X 4 tyres

  • Estiva X5 -designed for on road SUVs
  • AT-117 Special and SQ-278 - two models designed for all terrains, on road and off road
  • MT-117 Xtreme, MT-117 Sport and MT117EX - robust tyre models designed for mud terrain
  • HT-778 and SQ-178 - two models designed for on road highway cruising.

Commercial vehicle tyres

  • Bias light truck - Extra grip special, Light truck special, MT-117 - reinforced tyre model ranges designed to prolong tyre life
  • Bias truck range Logging king, Hi-power lug, SK828, SK173, SK 737 - a tyre model range with a lug pattern and deep grooves for exceptional traction
  • All steel radia truck range - Steel king 993, Steel king 977, Steel king 988 - designed for haulage vehicles
  • Industrial machinery range - Industrial S-163, S-368, S-168, Grader SG-113, SSL-88 - designed for maximum heavy duty performance and exceptional traction.

Latest tyre models

Designed for optimum grip in wet road conditions, the Atlantis V7 is one of the latest models produced by Silverstone, and provides extra safety and peace of mind when driving. The tyre features an asymmetrical tread pattern and a variety of innovative technical features to ensure that journeys are safe and comfortable. These features include a variable tread pattern and air flow breakers to reduce noise level, large shoulder blocks to increase road contact and improve cornering, and lateral grooves to disperse water effectively, resulting in a better grip.

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