Kumho vs Goodyear tyres

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KumhoKumho is a South Korean brand, around 50 years younger than Goodyear, but is an innovative company nonetheless. As far as their pedigree goes, they've most notably been involved in rallying and have a bit of experience using their tyres in circuit racing. Their range of tyres is impressive, from luxury to extreme sports use and also more conservative ECO and touring tyres for passenger cars. Prices start from $80 to over $400 each. They also have a range of off-road tyres proven to perform very well. The Kumho MT51 tested in the Outback and was put through immense heat, rocky trails, and steep hills. It came out on top of a lot of competitors in performance, handling, braking efficiency, and gave a smoother ride overall. Kumho has even designed tyres for electric cars called ECOTRON, which reduces rolling resistance up to 45%, as well as emissions. Since more and more manufacturers are going electric and eco-friendly, you may find yourself getting a Kumho set of eco-friendly tyres soon.


TheGoodyear Goodyear is an American multinational brand, who's been making tyres for over a century. Like Kumho, they're a real innovator in the tyre industry for many types of vehicles. They have a strong focus on making tyres for the majority of passenger cars on the road. Goodyear's tyre technology innovations including Active CornerGrip, Silent Armor and 3-Zone technology all lead to a quiet, safe, comfortable and fuel-efficient ride. Goodyear has formed partnerships with many of the top car manufacturers in the world, and to date have the most wins as a tyre manufacturer in Formula 1. While they're not so heavily involved in international motorsports today, Goodyear surely knows how to build a set of reliable tyres. A great choice when looking for family tyres due to their performance and safety. Their off-road tyre range known as the Wrangler is exceptionally durable. It contains Kevlar and Durawall technology, which prevents cuts and tears to the structure of the tyre.

Quick Conclusion

With Kumho, you've got a wide selection of choices, which is suitable for a car enthusiast who wants to find the ideal fit. Want ultra-low noise and comfort? An ultra-high performance tyre for your Porsche 911? Kumho has a tyre that fits the bill. If you're looking to go off-road or in the outback, Kumho has fantastic choices of 4x4 and SUV tyres which include a mileage warranty. Goodyear has got some cutting edge technologies built into their tyres, and are useful if you want to choose something quickly and get going. Overall though, Kumho has been found to give you slightly better value for money.

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