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Dunlop tyres have come a long way, starting from a bicycle tyre invented by the founder John Dunlop, to winning some of the most prestigious motor races in a matter of years. Its currently a subsidiary of Goodyear in Australia, but does things a little differently. How? Well by simply looking at their tyres ranges, youre bound to see the word sport a lot. Yes, Dunlop is very focused on creating a very high-performance line up of tyres. Dunlops extensive involvement in motorsports has lead to creating an adaptive compound for their road tyres, which works very well in both dry and wet conditions. Their tyres are designed to give you a precise feeling and great feedback. The Sport Maxx RT (Racing Technology) range for example, provides the driver with better dry and wet grip as well as a more effective braking thanks to Dunlops Touch Technology, leading to better safety as an added bonus.


The Goodyear is a much larger company than Yokohama, producing tyres for many different purposes and vehicles. They have a strong focus on designing very durable tyres. The technology Goodyear has developed include Duraseal technology as well as Armorgrip which contains Kevlar. This makes the tyre very strong and resistant to puncture on rough roads. Similar to Yokohama's Advan range of tyres, Goodyear also has their own high performing flagship passenger tyre, which is the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3. It's a very responsive tyre, that delivers great wet and dry weather grip. Their EfficientGrip line gives you a silky smooth ride, and their Assurance Triplemax Line boasts great safety standards. It has a shorter wet braking distance than most tyres, a high level of durability, and gives you good fuel savings. A good choice for family cars who want more safety. Find out more about Goodyear tyres and buy Tyroola starting from $84

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With Kumho you've got a wide selection of choices, which is good for a car enthusiast who wants to find the ideal fit. Want ultra low noise and comfort An ultra-high performance tyre for your Porsche 911 Kumho has a tyre that fits the bill. If you're looking to go off-road or in the outback, Kumho has fantastic choices of 4x4 and SUV tyres which include a mileage warranty. Goodyear has got some cutting edge technologies built into their tyres, and are good if you want choose something quickly and get going. Overall though, Kumho has been found to give you slightly better value for money.

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