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Dunlop vs. Goodyear tyres

Dunlop vs. Goodyear tyres

dunlop vs goodyear


Dunlop tyres have come a long way, starting from a bicycle tyre invented by the founder John Dunlop, to winning some of the most prestigious motor races in a matter of years. It’s currently a subsidiary of Goodyear in Australia, but does things a little differently. How? Well by simply looking at their tyres ranges, you’re bound to see the word sport a lot. Yes, Dunlop is very focused on creating a very high-performance line up of tyres. Dunlop's extensive involvement in motorsports has lead to creating an adaptive compound for their road tyres, which works very well in both dry and wet conditions. Their tyres are designed to give you a precise feeling and great feedback. The Sport Maxx RT (Racing Technology) range for example, provides the driver with better dry and wet grip as well as a more effective braking thanks to Dunlop’s Touch Technology, leading to better safety as an added bonus.


As the parent company, Goodyear is a bit more conservative. They create a wider variety of tyres which are more suited to the everyday driver. Most notably they’re working to create strong, more durable tyres, that save fuel and keep you safe on the road. Goodyear's tyre ranges are specifically optimised for a variety of purposes. Such as long tyre life, fuel savings, and superior safety. They definitely offer more for the majority of car users, like family cars and company cars. For off-road use, Goodyear delivers great value with their Wrangler AT adventure tyre. As well as Dupont Kevlar and Durawall technology, which helps the tyres maintain great traction in the most challenging terrains.


Dunlop has great tyres for a weekend getaway. Not so much for fuel savings and quiet rides, but for a great driving experience which gives you superb handling in dry and wet weather conditions. This makes your trip a safer one as well. Goodyear would be the better brand for most people who need a reliable tyre at a reasonable price. Not necessarily concerned with outstanding handling, driving fast and performance, but rather to use on a daily basis.

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  Dunlop Goodyear
Stopping ability 4 4
Life of tyre 4 4
Value for money 3 3
Dry weather handling 4 4
Wet weather handling 4 4


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