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The Federal Couragia MT is an off road mud tyre designed for 4WD vehicles. The rugged tread pattern gives the tyre aggression in off road conditions to ensure stability and traction. The large shoulder lugs give the tyre and wheel protection form impacts from off road hazards. The block edges help to clean the tread from dirt and sand, allowing for traction to not be affected when driving on off road terrains. Sloped Radius Gradient tread block designs are used to increase stiffness, which enhances performance in traction. A bar at the bottom of the groove is used to clear mud and rocks from the tread, delivering the ultimate performance. The specifically formulated advanced tread compound helps to resist cuts, chips and scuffs in the tyre, giving it a long and even tread wear life. The Federal Couragia delivers ultimate off road performance for a competitive price.

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Easy to use, plenty of options to choose from and the prices are fantastic. Makes life really easy when you can have them shipped to an installation centre near where you live too, awesome


Martin K.

Your service and product are excellent and with a great price you can't go wrong . I have in the past 12 months purchased tyres for three vehicles and I will keep coming back


Tripc T.

Kept informed all the way through the supply chain. Tyre fitter was quick and efficient and above all else the price was extremely competitive - great stuff!

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