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The Hankook Vantra LT RA 18 is a summer tyre designed for vans and other people movers. They are long-lasting tyres that are fuel-efficient and deliver excellent wet performance and stability despite carrying heavier than usual loads, increasing both driver and passenger safety.Hankook developed an extremely durable tread compound that protects the tyre from cuts, bruises and other abrasions while significantly lowering tyre noise. Its tread blocks are stiff to ensure traction and superior dry braking. Its sidewalls feature robust shields, keeping the Vantra LT RA18 stable and that it maintains the optimal tyre footprint for the even application of road pressure despite its heavy loads.Three circumferential grooves channel water away quickly from the tyre's contact patch, preventing hydroplaning and improving safety. It is also quite capable of reliable light snow traction thanks to multiple sipes with strategically sized and positioned grooves.

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