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November 21, 2021

15 Handy Car Cleaning Tips

Remember the way that your car looked when you first took it home from the dealership?
That new car smell, dust-free dashboard, and spotless carpet….it's frankly an unforgettable smell and experience for any new car owner.

However, chances are your car has not looked like that in quite some time! We’ve got some good news though. With our car cleaning hacks, you’ll be cleaning your car like you have never cleaned your car before.

These tips won’t just help you deep clean your car like a pro but will also help you save some cash. Let’s Get Cleaning!

PRO TIP: Before you even start, make sure that both you and your car are prepared. There’s a reason the professionals work under strict conditions!

Park in the shade. You don't want the hot sun beating down on you AND your car as you clean. Any water you put on your car will also evaporate faster and might leave soap streaks.

Organise your supplies. Save time by making sure that everything you need is set up and ready to go.

Don’t forget to close your windows, especially when working with cleaning chemicals or detergents.

Retract your antenna because it can easily bend or break if you are not paying attention.

Put your windshield wipers up and facing away from the windshield. This ensures that you can clean the entire front window where lots of grease and dirt build up.


Cleaning The Exterior Of Your Car

You might know how to wash a car, but do you know how to wash a car like a professional? While the car’s interior is likely most important to you, the outside of the car is what everyone else is going to notice first.

Two pail car cleaning methpd | Tyroola

1) Use the two buckets method: One for Soapy Water and One for Rinsing

Don't rinse your car with the exact same water you used to soap it. You'll get it dirty all over again and scratch the vehicle’s surface with the residual dirt in the water. Also, using a clean rinse bucket will ensure that no soap or other residues are left afterwards.


headlight cleaning tips | Tyroola

2) Headlight Hack: Use Toothpaste

Keep your headlights shiny and bright with some regular toothpaste. Rub it across the headlights with a cloth to help remove cloudy spots.


Clean wheels with mild cleaning powder | Tyroola

3) Use Cleaning Powder and Water to Clean Your Tyres and Wheels

If you want your rims to shine, you just need water and cleaning powder. Make a paste out of the powder and proceed to rub it all over your car’s rims. Rinse off with water and your car will have shiny rims that will make people jealous. Coat your tyres with some tyre black as well for that fresh from the dealer look.


Wash and rinse your cars in sections | Tyroola

4) Rinse The Car Like a Professional

Most people make the mistake of just rinsing different areas of the car without much care. The right way is to select a single section, wash and rinse it thoroughly before you move onto the next section of the car.


Use a microfibre drying towel to clean your car | Tyroola

5) Use a Microfibre-Drying Towel

Using a micro fibre drying towel will allow you to soak up more dirt and water than with regular towels or sponges. You would also have the added benefit of a streak-free finish.


Car Interior Cleaning

Many fall into the trap of "No one will ever see inside my car anyway so why clean it?" It is equally important to thoroughly clean your car's interiors as well. Check out these life-saving hacks.


Don't forget to clean your car's cupholder | Tyroola

6) Remove Your Cup Holders and Clean Them in The Dishwasher

Your cup holders can easily become a sticky mess and even harbor bacteria. If they are removable, place them in the dishwasher for around 20 minutes. If not, warm soapy water and some hard work will do the trick.


Clean your car with a vacuum and brush | Tyroola

7) Use a Vacuum as Your Broom and Brush

Keep a vacuum cleaner handy and use it as a brush to dust off your car. This will help you get rid of all the dirt and not just transfer it elsewhere.


Move seats around when cleaning your car | Tyroola

8) Move the Seat Forward

You want to remove all the dirt in your car, not just the dirt that you can see. To achieve this, pull out your floor mats and push your seats all the way forward and vacuum and scrub away!


Use qtips to clean car crevices | Tyroola

9) Cleaning Crevices with a Q-Tip

Using a cloth to clean out the crevices is difficult. Instead, clean these spots with some Q-tips. After you clear out the detail spots, you will be amazed at how much better the car looks.


Clean your car's ceiling regularly | Tyroola

10) Use a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth On the Ceiling

Even though most people never look upwards, dust does collect above us as we drive. Unfortunately, a regular cloth will not do a thing for most car interiors. If you want to clean your car ceiling properly, invest in a microfiber cloth that will soak up the dust.


How To Keep Your Car Clean

Once you have your car looking the way you want, you want to make sure that it remains that way. This means that you have to be organized and prepare yourself for the inevitable moment when you do have a spill in your car.


A Backseat Organizer Can help keep your car clean | Tyroola

11) Get a Handy Backseat Organizer

If you have children riding with you in the backseat, you know how much of a mess they can create in a short period. This is why a handy backseat organizer is able to keep all their belongings organized in the specified compartments.


Keep your car's loose change organized | Tyroola

12) Use an Empty Gum Container to Store Loose Change

The last thing you want to do is just displace the dust in your car—you want to remove it entyrely. By having a vacuum nearby as you brush the dust in your car, you are getting rid of it and not just transferring it elsewhere.


Vehicle trash can | Tyroola

13) Keep Your Car Clean with a Portable Trash Can

Use a portable "trash can" to prevent yourself from turning your car into a dumping ground. There are often gum wrappers and used tissues strewn around the car; use a simple cereal container and convert it into a miniature trash can to use in your car. This will prevent clutter and even bugs from entering your car.


Regularly clean vehicle carpets | Tyroola

14) Protect Carpets with Cheap Rubber Mats

You can save the original carpet mats of your car by placing a cheap set over them or turning them over if they have a rubber backing. Especially if you have children, this will go a long way towards extending your mats’ life.


Disinfect your car regularly | Tyroola

15) Disinfect your car interiors for virus protection

Finally, keep your car safe from viruses by cleaning your car interiors regularly with a mild disinfectant. As a cleaning hack, we recommend that you always bring a disinfectant that you can easily use in wiping your hands - as well as the surfaces that are constantly exposed.


Here's to a squeaky clean car!

Cleaning your car can be hard work which is why many resort to car cleaning services. However, it can also be a lot of fun to do it yourself!

You get to save money, make it a family affair and bond with the kids and if you do it regularly, your car won't get too hard to clean.

Happy Cleaning!