Bridgestone vs. Goodyear tyres
Bridgestone vs. Goodyear tyres

Bridgestone vs. Goodyear tyres

bridgestone vs goodyear


Bridgestone is the largest producer of tyres in the world. A Japanese brand with a real commitment to being the best at making tyres. Their mission is elegantly said in a simple sentence: “Serving Society with Superior Quality” Naturally then, safety and performance are what helps Bridgestone achieve their mission. It's easy to choose the right tyre for your needs, whether that's for fuel savings, high-performance driving, luxury and comfort, or off-road and SUV use. Bridgestone has worked directly with Formula 1 for 14 years, and creates some of the best handling high-performance tyres for passenger cars. They continue to work with many luxury car manufacturers to design comfortable and quiet tyres, which often come as original equipment. Bridgestone is named as the 'Most Trusted Tyre Brand' in Australia. Whichever tyre range you choose, you can be confident you'll be getting what Bridgestone claims you'll get.


Goodyear is another tyre manufacturing giant, offering a very similar range of tyres that Bridgestone offers. They too have got tyres especially designed for fuel savings, comfortable long-distance journeys and all terrain adventures. While they offer great quality and features, Goodyear doesn't cater so much to high-performance tyres, the way Bridgestone does with their Potenza range. Traits such as good wet weather safety, durability and fuel-saving is commonly found in Goodyear's range of passenger car tyres. Goodyear's performance range of tyres makes a good all-round tyre for passenger cars. It contains adhesive resin that offers increased grip in both dry and wet conditions. It also has reinforced construction technology, which is made of ultra-high tensile steel breaker cords that improves cornering stiffness and reduces tread wear.


Both Goodyear and Bridgestone have very competitive offerings, and are rated the same across the board for wet and dry weather handling, stopping distance and longevity. Neither brands produce the cheapest tyres, but they're renowned for creating quality products through many decades of experience developing tyres in motorsport and alongside manufacturers.

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  Bridgestone Goodyear
Stopping ability 4 4
Life of tyre 4 4
Value for money 3 3
Dry weather handling 4 4
Wet weather handling 4 4


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