10 Smart Ways Tyres Can Save You Money

November 15, 2022

10 Smart Ways Tyres Can Save You Money

Tyres can save you money if you properly use and care for them. How? Through regular maintenance, your tyres can:



• Boost fuel efficiency.

Tyres can improve fuel economy—and we’re not just talking about those marketed as fuel-efficient. Though OE (original equipment tyres) or the tyres that originally came with your vehicle were engineered to be fuel-efficient, you still need to maintain them to ensure you’re not paying extra for petrol.



• Last longer.

Longer tyre life is another key to maximising your tyres—and the money you spend on them. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your tyres, slowing down tyre wear. That means you don't have to replace tyres frequently, which means more savings. Yes!!



• Help prevent vehicle damage.

As the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road, tyres play an important role in keeping you and your car safe. Poorly-maintained tyres can damage suspension, which, in turn, can cause other issues like misalignment and ride instability.



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10 Ways You Can Save Money With Your Tyres


Let your tyres save you money with these smart but simple tips. These steps may be small, but they all add up, keeping you safe from spending.



1. Maintain correct tyre pressure.

Checking tyre pressure is the simplest way to prolong your tyres’ service life. Did you know that underinflation is the main cause of tyre failure, which may lead to accidents? Tyres regularly lose air pressure—about 6 kPa (kilopascal) or 1 PSI (pounds per square inch) monthly.

Aside from being a safety risk, underinflation will make your tyre tread wear down faster, increasing fuel consumption. When your tyres have less air, they roll flatter against the road, which creates higher rolling resistance. This pushes the engine to exert more effort and fuel to make your tyres roll.

How much more do you pay for petrol with underinflated tyres? Check out this chart:



Decrease in Tyre Pressure
Below Recommended Level


Increase in Fuel Consumption










Source: U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration



💡Pro-Tip: You can’t always tell that a tyre is flat just by looking at it. Even if your vehicle has a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMI), it’s best to get your tyre checked. Use an air pressure gauge to check inflation every month.



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2. Monitor for signs of wear.

Because your tyres take a regular beating, monitoring them for damage and wear can prevent issues from getting worse. When checking, examine your tread depth, the bars between your tread, the centre rib, and the outer edges while removing embedded objects. Also, cleaning your tyres removes grime and dust that may lead to damage.



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3. Rotate, balance, & align.

Tyre rotation, wheel balancing, and alignment are some of the basics of tyre maintenance. Rotating your tyres every eight months (or sooner if you often drive on uneven surfaces) promotes even wear, allowing your tyres to last longer. Wheel balancing and alignment can also help improve fuel efficiency and tyre life.


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💡Pro-Tip: Make it a habit to bring your car in for alignment twice yearly. Hitting a pothole or kerb usually affects misalignment, making your tyres “toed-in” or “toed out.” Other possible signs of misaligned tyres are a vibrating steering wheel and your car veering to the left, even with a centred steering wheel, especially when driving at high speeds.



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4. Check the EU label.

The EU label serves as a guide for tyre buyers so that they can make more informed decisions when choosing a tyre brand or pattern. The good news is that the EU label measures rolling resistance rated A to E, with A referring to the lowest rolling resistance and highest fuel economy. Another thing to watch out for is the tyre’s weight. Here’s a chart indicating the approximate weight of your passenger tyre based on its size—found as the first three numbers on its sidewall.


Tyre Size

Approximate Weight

155/70 R13

About 6.5 kg

185/70 R13

About 7 kg

175/65 R14

About 6.5 – 7 kg

195/65 R15

About 8.2 – 9 kg



Performance tyres, which sports cars use, are typically heavier because of their thick treads. The same goes for mud and all-terrain tyres, built for tougher drives and boosted wear resistance.

When your tyres are heavier, they create higher rolling resistance and require more fuel.


💡Pro-Tip: Less rolling resistance is less fuel burned. This also means fewer emissions, which is great for the environment!



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5. Consider Fuel-Efficient Tyres.

If you're planning on getting new car tyres, those marketed as fuel-efficient often have the following characteristics:

  • Special tread compounds that lower drag and friction

  • Tread pattern designs that decrease rolling resistance

  • Engineered to be aerodynamic

  • Stiffer carcass that helps retain their shape longer




6. Choose the right tyre to match your driving needs.

Sometimes, your engine chugs down petrol fast because your tyres aren’t suited to the terrain you usually roll on. For example, mud tyres have high rolling resistance, perfect for rough and muddy trails. If you use them on the highway, you’re bound to consume more fuel. All-terrain tyres are great for a mix of on-road and off-road driving. Travelling mostly on the pavement? Then get highway-terrain or touring tyres for better fuel efficiency.



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7. Practise good driving habits.

Hard acceleration, braking, and cornering take their toll on your tyres. Caring for tyres means keeping your inner speed demon in check and driving smoothly and moderately. Let your tyres roll slowly over speed bumps and road imperfections to avoid damage.



8. Say yes to tyre discounts.

If you can wait for a sale before purchasing new tyres, do it. You’d be surprised at how much you’ll save! At Tyroola, you don’t have to wait for Black Friday or EOFY sales to get the best deals on tyres. Every month, we have awesome deals on big brands (and even budget ones), giving you more bang for your buck.



9. Take advantage of promos.

Aside from huge discounts, Tyroola also offers other promos that boost savings. While our Price Match promise lets us sell at the cheapest prices online, our Mates Rates promo gives cashback on past purchases so buy new tyres today!.

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10. Buy online.

Because Tyroola has lower operating costs than brick-and-mortar shops, it can afford to sell tyres at much lower prices. We also ship directly to tyre fitters near you, so you can immediately have your tyres installed upon their arrival.



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